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Trans Siberian Orchestra arranges a new Christmas event for Tulsa

Lasers, screaming prog-rock guitars and flames might not appear like Christmas, but the Trans-Siberian Orchestra made an explosive event a doubtful holiday tradition. The singularity of this fifteen year old tradition is not lost on the Trans Siberian Orchestra’s lyricist, composer and creator Paul O’Neill.

According to reports, O’Neill told that it is a bit mind boggling. He has never could have thought that it would have gone on and got this huge. And the mind-boggling, huge band comes back to Tulsa later this week, and this time with a new show which fans have been wanting to watch on the stage for years.

The Christmas Attic would be performed by the Trans Siberian Orchestra at BOK Center, on Thursday. Doors would open at 6:30 pm. Tickets are priced at US$ 41.50 to US$ 73.50 along with fees and are available at the site You can also book by giving a call at 866-7-BOK-CTR or at BOK Center box office at the Third Street as well as Frisco Avenue.

The Christmas Attic is the 2nd album unveiled by the Trans Siberian Orchestra. The album, in 1998, was the 2nd in Christmas Trilogy as well as the only one which has yet to be made in a stage production. The band has had huge success along with several other albums, so mixing things up for a whole new show might have been quite risky.

O’Neill added it is about a kid who goes into an attic where people have been throwing things for decades, if not centuries, and anyone who has been in an old house with an attic knows it’s filled with all kinds of treasures.