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Chris Brown wants kid with Rihanna

All of us already know that US pop Rihanna wants to have a kid with Chris Brown. But now, an insider told that the feeling is only from Rihanna’s side – the feeling is mutual.

Twenty five year Brown told that Rihanna would probably like to have a baby with him. An insider told a leading entertainment website that just like Rihanna, Chris feels the same way. The source also added that both Rihanna and Chris Brown are in their prime and more importantly they are very young. And one day if it really happens, the kid would be really loved very much.

The insider told that Chris has a big family and on the other hand, Rihanna also has a huge family. Both families would be happy to see Rihanna and Chris’ kid. but that is still years down the line. Now Chris has nothing to worry about and Rihanna is just twenty three years old. Therefore she does not have any hurry in her part also. In fact, they have also settled their problems.

Rihanna and Brown does not force each other when it comes to this subjects. They are very mature in their thinking and they know how to deal with this and what is there priority at this point of time. Now they are just too young to have their own children.