Cyrus again goes topless for saucy promo

It appears that Miley Cyrus’ forthcoming performance would not be the only thing which has stripped back after she showed off her boobs for the camera. Her fans are not really sure what to think about her promotional for her forthcoming MTV Unplugged show.

Well, on one side, the Wrecking Ball star is topless once again with some star stickers holding a bit of modesty. Well Miley’s fans are used to this by now. Still, a blonde wig, the buck teeth a well as general attire makes this an real odd one even by the crazy standards of the former Disney Channel star.

Recently, Miley Cyrus wrote: “@MTV PRESENTS MILEY CYRUS: MTV UNPLUGGED YALL check it out January 29th! (sic)”

She appears to be carrying Lady Gaga’s false fangs in the snap, released to boost her forthcoming appearance on the iconic MTV show. The likes of Adele, Alicia Keys and Nirvana have shoot acoustic performances for the program since its debut in the year 1989; therefore, Miley would go down in history along with some pretty illustrious company.

The promo for MTV is not the only image alteration for the singer, who sported a wholly different hairdo and color for her shoot with the Love Magazine. She posted a snap on her Instagram page revealing her new hairdo.

This yet another image change for the former Hannah Montana star, who was spotted recently with a bizarre bowl hairstyle as she stepped out in a white top and braces.