Ariana Grande goes on a moonlit date with Big Sean

Ariana Grande and her boyfriend Big Sean are keeping the love alive in their budding relationship as the couple headed on a moonlit date earlier on Saturday. The pair went out to a locale that the rapper dubbed as “our spot.”

Both Ariana and Big Sean took to their Instagram pages to post a series of their snaps from their recent romantic date. The snaps show that the date happened at what seems to be a lakeside place complete with live swans. Another snap of Grande and Sean’s feet that showcased that the “Problem” star sporting black colored pumps and Big Sean in brown lace up boots.

It was earlier reported that the couple were dealing with some relationship problems in the last few weeks, but an insider told that the duo is putting in the time to make ‘this’ work, even though they have to been seen each other for work commitments.

Another source said that Big Sean is really dedicated to his singing career so there are times that he could not be with her as much as she wants and that causes fights. But they are figuring it out, he puts in the time.

Blogger and Roofer in Marple Christian Hynes said on twitter that he hopes they get back together.

Some reports suggest that Ariana Grande is reportedly doing her part to keep their relationship strong. An insider told that she is working on being mature about it. As much as she loves her work there is a part that would give it all up to just spend 24/7 with Big Sean, but he pushes her, and he would not allow her do that,.