Cyrus again goes topless for saucy promo

It appears that Miley Cyrus’ forthcoming performance would not be the only thing which has stripped back after she showed off her boobs for the camera. Her fans are not really sure what to think about her promotional for her forthcoming MTV Unplugged show.

Well, on one side, the Wrecking Ball star is topless once again with some star stickers holding a bit of modesty. Well Miley’s fans are used to this by now. Still, a blonde wig, the buck teeth a well as general attire makes this an real odd one even by the crazy standards of the former Disney Channel star.

Recently, Miley Cyrus wrote: “@MTV PRESENTS MILEY CYRUS: MTV UNPLUGGED YALL check it out January 29th! (sic)”

She appears to be carrying Lady Gaga’s false fangs in the snap, released to boost her forthcoming appearance on the iconic MTV show. The likes of Adele, Alicia Keys and Nirvana have shoot acoustic performances for the program since its debut in the year 1989; therefore, Miley would go down in history along with some pretty illustrious company.

The promo for MTV is not the only image alteration for the singer, who sported a wholly different hairdo and color for her shoot with the Love Magazine. She posted a snap on her Instagram page revealing her new hairdo.

This yet another image change for the former Hannah Montana star, who was spotted recently with a bizarre bowl hairstyle as she stepped out in a white top and braces.

Chris Brown wants kid with Rihanna

All of us already know that US pop Rihanna wants to have a kid with Chris Brown. But now, an insider told that the feeling is only from Rihanna’s side – the feeling is mutual.

Twenty five year Brown told that Rihanna would probably like to have a baby with him. An insider told a leading entertainment website that just like Rihanna, Chris feels the same way. The source also added that both Rihanna and Chris Brown are in their prime and more importantly they are very young. And one day if it really happens, the kid would be really loved very much.

The insider told that Chris has a big family and on the other hand, Rihanna also has a huge family. Both families would be happy to see Rihanna and Chris’ kid. but that is still years down the line. Now Chris has nothing to worry about and Rihanna is just twenty three years old. Therefore she does not have any hurry in her part also. In fact, they have also settled their problems.

Rihanna and Brown does not force each other when it comes to this subjects. They are very mature in their thinking and they know how to deal with this and what is there priority at this point of time. Now they are just too young to have their own children.

Angelina turns into insane Bridezilla

This week, Brangelina are back on the cover of In Touch. This magazine in the first two months of this year’s issue has already accused Angelina of throwing tantrums and publicly drinking and creating mayhem. The Magazine claims that a “7-year itch” will kill the couple’s relationship completely.

According to In Touch, the actress-director is furious that Pitt made a statement about the couple tying the knot and has set out to plan “the worst nuptials ever.” The Magazine claims that she is fuming because she believes she has lost control over her partner and wants to keep him under control.

The Magazine also claims that she will carry out the revenge by ruining her wedding. She has insisted on a black gown rather than the attire daughter Zahara has asked her to. She has also insisted on the confusing Yugoslavian folk music instead of a band that the couple’s kids can dance to. The Magazine “In Touch” also claims that Angelina Jolie wants to take revenge on her children as well.

She’s also supposedly refused Brad to choose her wedding ring and has banned wedding cake. All this has surprised the readers considerably. It is said that Angelina is more interested in taking her revenge than keeping her family happy. This story of Jolie turning into a crazy bridezilla, the revenge plots against Pitt and their children, all of it is completely untrue.

In several of its stories, the tabloid pretends to have exclusive information about what is going around behind closed doors in the Pitt-Jolie household, saying that Angelina has done everything from organising stage hire to planning every last detail of the wedding. Unfortunately, it has been proven wrong every time. And now the magazine has come up with Angelina Jolie’s “crazy wedding demands” on its cover.

Sources close to the couple says that there is truth to the Magazine’s story. It is all nonsense and is aimed at creating controversy. Angelina is definitely not a crazy Bridezilla, quipped the sources.


Nicki Minaj revealed on Twitter that her new album will feature 22 songs. It is to be noted that on April 3, her highly anticipated sophomore album ” Pink Friday:Roman Reloaded” will hit the markets and it is expected that the details of the project will be emerging over the next few weeks with regards to track listing and guest features.

Although Nicki has not announced about her track list she has been hitting the studio with the likes of Dr Luke, Hit-Boy and Rico Beats for the recently released “Roman Reloaded” track.

Nicki seemed pretty excited about her upcoming project and she also tweeted that she is quite exciting about this new album. Many of Nicki’s fans have been questioning her about her new album.

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